We are proud to offer the following outstanding products and services;

A voice for the Convertors

The Plastics Convertors Association is a trade association for convertors. Interests and concerns can be addressed more effectively Collectively than individual. These include:

  • Environmental Initiatives;
  • Imports and anti-dumping regulations;
  • Raw material prices;
  • Collective Bargaining

Communication & Information Network

The Plastics Convertors Association drives a free communication and information network for members using;

  • Monthly "SA Plastics" magazine;
  • A weekly electronic newsletter called "Information";
  • Member meetings in all major regions;
  • Industry surveys;
  • Collection and dissemination of statistics and other related information;
  • Website;
  • Marketing & Promotion of the Plastics Convertors;

The PCA attends local Plastics Trade Shows where members' products are promoted. Members are invited to actively participate with their own exhibits for a portion of the fee. Other Trade Shows are considered on merit.

Industrial Relations

The Plastics Convertors Association offers the following;

IR related assistance;

The PCA offers the following assistance;

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Managing Injuries on Duty
  • B-BBEE
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Workplace Issues
  • Managing U.I.F.
  • Sectoral Determinations

We also assist in all processes related to restructuring and dismissals based on operational requirements.

Dispute Resolution

The following assistance is available in respect of matters Set down for Conciliation or Arbitration in the MEIBC CDR or CCMA;

  • Members can request authoritative advice.
  • The PCA can assist members with company level disputes at a minimal rate.

Applicable rate is R350/h

Managing I.O.D's

  • Step by step guide to manage IOD's
  • All relevant documentation required
  • Registration of Employer


  • Assistance in determining required compliance level
  • Assistance with preparation for rating;
    • AExempted Enterprises - Below R 5 million p/a
    • AQualifying Small Enterprises - Between R5 and R 35 million p/a
    • ALarge Enterprises - Above R 35 million p/a
  • Pre-approved ratings through EMEX
  • Required policies;
    • Affirmative Action Policy
    • Employment Equity Constitution
    • Example of Employment Equity Plan
    • Letter of appointment EXCO
    • Letter of appointment of a skills development facilitator
  • Preferential Procurement Policy

Policies & Procedures

The following policies and procedures are available to members;

  • Disciplinary Codes and Procedure
  • Absenteeism or Attendance Policy
  • Conflict Management
  • Fixed term Contract
  • Limited duration Contract
  • HIV/ Aids Policy
  • Insubordination Policy
  • Maternity and Family Responsibility Policy
  • Permanent Contract of Employment
  • Poor Work Performance Procedure
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Sick Leave Policy
  • Smoking Policy
  • Unfair Labour Practice Policy
  • E-mail and Internet Policy

Workplace issues

Information on interpretation is available but not limited to the following;

  • Overtime and the Earnings threshold
  • Overtime working and payment
  • 2 Public Holidays or 1 Public Holiday
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Employee resignations
  • Employee representation at Disciplinary Hearings
  • Medical Certificates
  • Senior Managers and Trade Union membership
  • Unilateral change of conditions

Managing U.I.F

  • UI - 8 Application for registration as an employer
  • How to claim maternity benefits
  • UI - 4 Application for continuation of payment for maternity benefits
  • UI - 2.3 Application for maternity benefits
  • UI - 2.8 Application to pay benefits into banking account

Sectoral Determinations

  • All Sectoral determinations not only related to the Industry is available on request

Your ear to the ground for IR related issues

The Plastics Convertors association will remind members in time about changes in legislation, government gazette articles of importance and other labour regulations.

Collective bargaining

The Plastics Industry falls under the jurisdiction of the Metal and Engineering Bargaining Council. Membership of the PCA entitles you to an exemption from payment of the employers' contribution to the Collective Bargaining Levy.

Furthermore the PCA represents the Industry at all levels of Collective Bargaining structures and is represented in all meetings regarding exemptions or labour related matters.


The CEO also represents all members on the relevant structures of the Merseta which include the following;

  • The Plastics Chamber within the Merseta;
  • Executive Committee;
  • Authority - Board of the Merseta;
  • Accelerated Artisan Training Program.

Legislative matters pertaining to the Industry

As part of the CEO's duties , all submissions to Nedlac in terms of proposed legislative amendments will be sent through the Nedlac Metal Sector Chamber. All matters pertaining to the B-BBEE and DTI related issues are discussed with representatives from Department Trade and Industry.


The PCA supports the Enviromark, the Plastics Industries Environmental Initiative.

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